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Telemetry Noise Logger LD18 is a robust, water-proof product in stainless steel shell that resists extreme environments. It’s well designed to detect the weak vibrations generated by leakages in the pipeline system. And with its water-proof, highly sensitive antenna, alarms, and data are reliably transmitted to remote server or cloud server. It’s such a fine product that, together with Heda’s Leakage Early Warning System (software platform), it changes leakage detection procedures, greatly improves leakage detection efficiency, empowers water utilities for digital transformation, and ultimately reduces NRW for water utilities.

Whilst model LD18 is normally for metal pipes, LD18H is tailored for plastic pipes with hydrophone integrated. The newly introduced LD18-BDS has in cooperated Beidou/GPS positioning system, which greatly improves correlation accuracy, as well as helps customers to find loggers that accidentally got lost.

Product Features

  • IP68 rated.
  • Quick and easy installation, making fixed and relocating deployment flexible.
  • Detect leakage daily, store and transmit leakage noise for remote diagnosis.
  • Intelligent analysis of noise frequencies for leakage possibility calculation.
  • Data communication via NB-IoT or CAT1 mobile networks.
  • Integrated correlation algorism, capable of allocating leakage in conjunctionwith adjacent noise logger.
  • Operable via mobile phone or tablet APP with LoRa/Bluetooth transceiver.
  • Record noise files in WAV format which can be transmitted remotely for replay and frequency analysis.
  • Improves water utilities' efficiency to pinpoint leakages and reduce NRW.
  • SMT SIM card supported only. Contact sales representative before ordering.

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Leakage detection for pipeline networks.

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