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It is a big challenge for water utilities to maintain their pipeline system in good conditions. Among all those challenges, maintaining transmission mains and source water mains are more critical than distribution pipelines, as nobody likes to see the consequence for those two types of mains to get broken. This Telemetry Transient Monitor & Acoustic Logger empowers water utilities to be able to monitor real-time transient pressure remotely, and detect leakage after each transient pressure captured. With this capability, water utilities got alerted for transient pressure risks, and leakages detected before they become pipe bursts.
This product along with Heda’s software and cellphone applications, is especially suitable for main pipes that are quite long and in rural areas that are hard to approach.
The integrated acoustic logger not only works after transient pressure is detected, but also works daily to detect leakages. The advanced algorism integrated enables the product to identify some known interferences like rainfall, industrial noises related to public electricity, etc. When a potential leakage is detected, the signal is further evaluated on the remote software platform against known leakage signals and known non-leakage signals through Heda AI algorism, which greatly improves the leakage detection accuracy.
The correlation function would further help to identify the actual leakage location.

Product Features

  • IP68 rated.
  • High frequency pressure monitoring to capture and alarm for pipeline water hammers.
  • Optional hydrophone for pipeline leakage detection at configurable timeinterval.
  • Intelligent work mode to activate hydrophone for leakage detection after burst detection.
  • Default integrated Lithium battery. Optional external power supply.
  • Integrated non-volatile memory. Configurable time and time interval for data storage.
  • Telemetry via mobile network or communication via ethernet. Configurable time and interval for data transmission.
  • Robust firmware for network reconnection, data retransmission. Remote data query, configuration, and
  • Standard or SMT SIM card supported.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 enabling mobile APP interaction and firmware upgrade in the field.
  • GPS or BDS positioning and time synchronization.
  • Pre-location for leakages through correlation function.

▞ Applications

Water hammer monitoring and leakage detection for main water transmission pipeline and long-distance source water pipeline.

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