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Pulse, RS485


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The RP911 meter reading device, is specifically designed to read Sensus WPD, WSD and MSP water meters. With in-depth understanding of the technology, Heda engineering team introduced RP911 to the market. And this meter reading device not only support integrated battery as the power source, but also support external power supply. When used together with Heda data logger H86 where the water-proof connection is done in the factory, the external power supply option greatly increases life cycle of the reading device as it doesn’t need to be replaced due to battery draining out. This advantage also prevents the potential poor quality caused by connecting wires in the field.

There are different types of interfaces from this device to the data collection device like data loggers. The typical interface is one pulse signal for forward flow and one pulse signal for reverse flow. It also supports low power consumption RS485 interface with protocols like MODBUS. These options of different interfaces make the RP911 meter reading device suitable for various field conditions. And like other Heda products, the RP911 toughness against harsh environment is IP68 rated and tested in-house.

Product Features

IP68 rated.

  •  Integrated Lithium battery to run up to 3 years, or external power supply.
  • √ Low power consumption design.
  • √ Configurable pulse signal output for pulse width.
  • √ RS485 interface supported with MODBUS communication protocol.
  • √ Suitable for Sensus WPD, WSD and MSP water meters.

▞ Applications

To be used to read Sensus WPD, WSD and MSP water meters.

▞ Dimensions

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