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The HK19 telemetry water level meter is a rugged water level meter designed for drainage manhole environment. Just like other Heda products, its reliability in harsh environment is better than IP68 tested in-house.

The primary measuring mechanism for the product is its ultrasonic transducer, which gives it a measuring range of 10 meters. The secondary measuring mechanism is its hydrostatic level sensor, which perfectly resolves the blind field issue for the ultrasonic transducer. What’s more, it also empowers the product to be able to measure water level when the product is immersed into drainage water when the drainage pipeline gets clogged or when there is heavy rain that makes water level in the manhole shaft to go above the meter.

The default power supply source is integrated replaceable Lithium battery. The product also supports external power supply from high-capacity Lithium battery pack, or solar power system.

The external water-proof antenna ensures good communication performance under regular manhole pit cover, which is critical to ensure that real-time alarms could be transmitted successfully in the event that the drainage water level goes beyond limit, which is configurable.

The advanced algorism automatically removes interference signals caused by metal ladders within the manhole shaft. This feature makes the HK19 an outstanding solution in the market.

The integrated Bluetooth module within the product, makes it easy for configuration in the field. Its LCD display and magnetic button makes it convenient to get real-time and historical readings and configurations.

The drainage environment is so challenging that providing a good quality mount becomes quite difficult. The HK19 comes along with a stainless-steel mount treated with corrosion resistant paint, which makes it capable of surviving in such a harsh environment. The mount can easily be flipped for 90 degrees so that the maintenance or cleaning work won’t be affected by the product.

The HK19R is the radar option of the product, which replaces ultrasonic transducer with radar transducer. The typical measuring range is 7 meters, which is different from 10 meters for ultrasonic option.

Product Features

IP68 rated, and in-house tested reliability with higher standard.
    • Standard integrated disposable replaceable Lithium battery. Optional external power supply. Typical battery life for integrated disposable Lithium battery is 2 years (measuring every 5 minutes, transmitting data every 30 minutes).
    • Harsh environment resistant enclosure material that makes the product durable for drainage applications.
    • Measuring range: 10 m for ultrasonic option, 7 m for radar option.
    • Working Environment: -25℃~+55℃,0%~100%RH.
    • Bluetooth connection with cellphone or tablet APP.
    • Waterproof external antenna.

    Stainless-steel mount and bolts withstanding harsh environme

▞ Applications

Drainage or rainfall water level monitoring. Real-time alarms for water level over limit.

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