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Telemetry Solar-powered Data Logger H81 is a data logger designed to draw power from solar panel where public power supply is not available and real-time monitoring is required. Once fully charged, the integrated rechargeable Lithium battery would last for 15 days for typical configuration of transmitting data once every minute. This product is IP65 rated and is not suitable for harsh environment in manhole shaft. It’s recommended to be installed in a chamber within a solar panel pole or in a cabinet. The external antenna for the H81 data logger helps to improve communication signal sensitivity and reduce power consumption while being water proof that makes it able to withstand outdoor environment. The H81 data logger supports up to 6 channels of pulse signals, up to 2 channels of analog signals, 1 channel of RS485, 3.3V and 24V DC output. With these different interface options, the product becomes an ideal solution for pressure monitoring with analog interface, flow reading with pulse signal or RS485 interface, water quality parameter reading from turbidity, residual chlorine instruments with analog or RS485 interface, etc. With the 24V DC output, it can also provide power to electronics flowmeter or water meter. This product is also widely used for water level monitoring for ponds, rivers, or lakes in conjunction with third-party ultrasonic or radar water level meters.

The different parameters from the pipeline systems are essential for systems like SCADA, DMA, AMI, Pressure management, NRW management, hydraulic modeling, etc.

The integrated magnetic button and LCD make it easy for field operations. Most configurations and status can be easily queried. The product can also be configured by a data terminal with IR interface, or remoted from software platform.

Product Features

IP65 rated.
  • RechargeableLithium battery, that used with solar panel as power source, last for 15 days with configuration of transmitting data once every minute.
  • Real-time pulse data acquisition from water meter. Support reverse flow, configurable alarms.
  • Ideal for analog signal data acquisition from pressure, level sensors and other instruments.
  • Data acquisition from flow meter, digital water meter via RS485 interface with configurable parameters.
  • Battery capacity monitoring, and low-capacity
  • Non-volatile memory for data storage for 48 days with data storage interval set to 1 minute, 2 channels of pulse signal and 1 channel of analog signal.
  • Configurable data storage time interval from 1 minute to 2 hours where typical configuration is 1 minute.
  • Public mobile network communication for data and alarms. Configurable data transmission time intervalfrom 1 minute to 24 hours where typical configuration is 1 minute.
  • Robust firmware for network reconnection, data retransmission. Local and remote data querysupported.
  • Standard push-in SIM card design. SMT SIM card supported.
  • Support TCP, UDP communication protocolsfor 2 IP destinations.
  • Integrated monochrome segment LCD, magnetic buttons suitable for field operation.
  • Field configuration from devices with IR interface, or from remote platform. Remote firmware upgrade.
  • Water proof external antenna.
▞ Applications

Telemetry data logger for applications that demands for real-time data. Remote reading of flow, pressure, water level, water quality in water supply pipeline networks, water level for water reservoirs, and more.

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