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Telemetry Data Logger H86 is a well-known product for its reliability and harsh environment resistance. Most of its applications require that the logger is installed in the manhole shaft for years, where flow/volume and pressure are typically collected and transmitted. The conditions in the manhole shaft are so challenging that many water utilities find it’s hard to get reliable logger to withstand such environment. Thanks to the dedicated engineering team for great design, H86 series data loggers have superior reliability performance against harsh environment. Communication reliability is as challenging as environmental reliability, if not more, as the manhole shaft would typically have a thick iron cover that makes wireless communication more difficult. With the water-proof, humidity resistant, fine-tuned antenna, the H86 series have a good record of reliable communication.

With a variety of available data acquisition options such as pulse signal, analog signal like 4 – 20 mA or 0 – 5 V, RS485 with different communication protocols, the H86 series of telemetry data logger is ideal for reliable data acquisition that serves as concrete base for systems like SCADA, DMA, AMI, Pressure management, NRW management, hydraulic modeling, etc.

Product Features

IP68 rated, and in-house tested reliability with higher standard.

  • Standard internal Lithium battery. Optional high-capacityexternal Lithium battery.
  • Real-time pulse data acquisition from water meter. Support reverse flow, configurable alarms.
  • Ideal for analog signal data acquisition from pressure, level sensors and other instruments.
  • Data acquisition from flow meter, digital water meter via RS485 interface with configurable parameters.
  • Battery capacity monitoring, and low-capacity
  • Non-volatile memory for data storage. Configurable data storage time interval.
  • Public mobile network communication for data and alarms. Configurable data transmission time interval.
  • Robust firmware for network reconnection, data retransmission. Local and remote data querysupported.
  • Standard push-in SIM card design. SMT SIM card supported.
  • Support CoAP, TCP, UDP communication protocols.
  • Integrated monochrome segment LCD, magnetic buttons suitable for field operation.
  • Field configuration from devices with IR interface, or from remote platform. Remote firmware upgrade.
  • Optional GPS module.

▞ Applications

Telemetry data logger for remote reading of flow, pressure, water level, water quality in pipeline networks, sewage networks, water treatment plant, waste water treatment plant, and more.

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