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The Smart Pressure Valve is a state-of-the-art smart pressure reduction valve, which is designed to control output pressure or flow for any power supply option. Output pressure or flow by time can be easily configured in the field via Bluetooth connection, or remotely from software platform or cellphone application. It’s a great solution to reduce NRW without negative impact to customer satisfaction. There are cases where water utilities cannot repair leakages detected like leakage underneath railway, Smart Pressure Valve becomes the ideal solution.

This product has different power supply options. It can be public power supply, lithium battery, solar power, or an integrated hydraulic power generator. And it’s tested to have better performance than IP68 rating, which enables the product to work reliably in harsh environments.

Product Features

IP68 rated.
      • Pressure Control: Multi-point time based, or consistentpressure control, pressure control with flowmeter.
      • Flow Control: Multi-point time based, or consistentflow control with connected flowmeter.
      • Water Level Control: Maintain water level within specified range with connected level meter.
      • Fixed Upstream Pressure: To ensure pipeline pressure by maintaining input pressure to specified value.
      • Emergency Control: Fully open or close the valve remotely for any emergency.
      • Alarm: Multiple alarm modes. The product stays online after alarm for instant remote control.
      • Telemetry: Utilize 4G cellular network for communication, remote control and firmware upgrade.
      • Field Operation: Accessibleby cellphone or tablet APP via Bluetooth connection in the field.
      • Power Supply: Standard lithium battery for up to 5 years lifecycle. Optional external power supply.
      • Usability: The control box set is suitable for PRV of different nominal diameters.
      • PRV Nominal Diameter: DN50 - DN1000
      • Hydraulic Generator: Optional hydraulic generator available for longer battery lifecycle.
▞ Applications

Leakage reduction for areas with difficulty to pinpoint actual leakage. Remote output pressure, water level or flow control.

▞ Dimensions

The dimensions for pressure reducing valve varies for different nominal diameters. For smart control box set, the reference dimensions are as below.

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