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V88 is an RTU designed for applications that requires more digital and analog data acquisition channels than data loggers. It draws power from a DC power supply ranging from 18V to 27V where the typical input voltage is 24VDC. It can be easily installed onto a 35 mm DIN rail mount. Its terminal blocks can be taken off from their base, which makes field wire connection much easier. With 8 channels for digital inputs, 6 channels for analog inputs, 1 RS485 interface and 1 RS232 interface, V88 is quite powerful for data acquisition in different applications. With Bluetooth connection, V88 can be easily programmed via cellphone APP. For data transmission, V88 supports 2G, 3G, 4G, and ethernet connection. Typically, it would be installed in an electrical cabinet. These features make V88 ideal for water quality monitoring, pump station monitoring, WTP applications, etc.

With two physical buttons and integrated LCD, basic configurations and data query can be done without being connected to cellphone via Bluetooth. Optional backup rechargable battery makes it able to take emergency actions when the main power supply is shut down.

Product Features

Power supply: DC 18 – 27V, 24V typical.
  • Backup battery optional.
  • 8digital inputs, 6 analog 4 – 20mA inputs, 1 RS485 interface, 1 RS232 interface.
  • Bluetooth connection with cellphone or tablet APP.
  • One 3.3V output with capacity no more than 10mA, which is typically used to supply power to hall sensors.
  • One 24V output programable with capacity no more than 60mA, which is typically used to supply power to electromagnetic flowmeter or ultrasonic water meter.
  • Optional relay output. Contact your sales representative before ordering.
  • Four data transmission destinations.
  • Standard 35mm DIN rail mount installation.
  • Waterproof external antenna. Cable length can be customized.
▞ Applications

Water supply network flow and pressure monitoring, pump station monitoring, water treatment plant, water quality monitoring, etc.

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