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Smart water meter is essential for smart water system. District Metered Area (DMA) is an effective way to help water utilities and water operators to manage water supply, water loss (non-revenue water) effectively. Yet it’s heavily relying on the good management of water meters and meter reading activities. The introduction of smart water meter into the whole smart water system not only greatly improves the effectiveness and efficiency of meter reading activities, but also provided much more detailed water usage data to make the whole smart water system more capable.

The LXSGY series are smart water meters combined by traditional mechanical water meter, meter reading and communication module. The module utilizes cutting-edge sensing technology for meter reading, and advanced IoT technology for communication. The configurable alarm functions provide more options to better manage the meters, and ultimately improves customer satisfaction.

There are also different options for the base mechanical water meter. The meter enclosure could be made from iron, copper, stainless steel, or plastics, which gives more choices to water utilities and water operators.

Product Features

Standard mechanical water meter combined with meter reading and communication module.
      • Type approval: CPA certified.
      • IP68 ratedfor meter reading and communication module.
      • Replaceable Lithium battery with estimated life up to 7 years for standard data acquisition of once every 30 minutes and standard data transmission of once per day.
      • Accelerated data acquisition configurable, up to once every 5 minutes with more battery drainage.
      • Integrated surface-mount SIM card that shall be provided by customer.
      • Real-time alarm in the event when meter reading and communication module is separated from the meter.
      • Reverse flow, overflow, low battery alarm.
▞ Applications

The smart water meters are ideal for metering residential and small-business water consumptions with the advantage of transmitting readings remotely.

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