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Fire hydrant is an important municipal infrastructure equipment, which the water utilities offer for the firefighting department to use free of charge. Yet it becomes a big challenge for many water utilities as a major source of water loss that makes NRW looks really bad.
The Smart Hydrant Cover FD16 is a cost-effective product to monitor water usage status for fire hydrant in real-time. Whenever the hydrant is used, FD16 sends out real-time alert in about 15 seconds to the software platform, as well as the cellphone APP. This product empowers water utilities with the capability to detect water theft when it happens. Well, what if someone tries to uninstall the cover? Hmm, it sends a different real-time alert. How if somebody tries to steal it? Well, it sends out GPS coordinates regularly.
For certain water utilities, the water usages through fire hydrants could go up to 15% or even over 20% out of the water produced, if it is not well managed. This product is proven to be an effective, efficient, and economic solution to address this problem. With sufficient quantity installed, the NRW rate would reduce significantly.
What’s more, if a fire hydrant got hit by a vehicle, the Smart Hydrant Cover sends real-time alarm, too. This function enables water utilities to be able to maintain fire hydrant assets in good shape.

Product Features

IP68 rated.
  • Low power consumption design. Lithium battery life is up to 5 years.
  • Only SMT SIM card supported. Contact your sales representative before ordering.
  • NB-IoT communication mode supported.
  • 2-D barcode ID that helps water utilities to manage hydrants as assets better.
  • Real-time water usage alarm.
  • Real-time hydrant knock-down alarm.
  • Daily GPS coordinates verification.
  • Bluetooth connection to cellphone APP for field configuration.
▞ Applications

Fire hydrant usage monitoring. Water theft alarm to help water utilities to better manage water loss, or NRW.

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