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The LF20 is a sophisticate correlator that is used to pinpoint leakages in pipeline networks. The touch-screen and user-friendly menu design makes it easy to use. Just put the sensors onto the pipe or valves attached to the pipe, it would work immediately and show result in a manner that almost nobody would misunderstand it. Surely the parameters for the type of pipe and its diameter, as well as the distance between the two sensors, shall be correctly configured in order to get accurate result.

The two sensors are IP68 rated that enables them to work properly even when immersed into water. Its advanced filtering function makes it to be able to work properly in an environment with interference. Once it shows stable result, the leakage location is displayed graphically which makes it easy to read. The integrated high-capacity Lithium batteries make the correlator to be able to work for a pretty long time in the field. And the light-weighted correlator itself, makes it less of a burden for operators in the field. What’s more, the industrial grade case was intentionally designed with wheels. So it’s much easier to carry and transport the whole product around.
Product Features

  • IP68 rating for sensors, IP67 rating for correlator and power transmitters.
  • LED touch-screen display with 1024 x 600 resolution.
  • Communication distance is up to 500 meters in open space.
  • Long operating time for power transmitter to up to 16 hours, longer operating time for correlator.
  • The correlator weighs only 1.9 kg and makes it less of a burden to the user.
  • The transmitter and sensor are powered on when the connector is snapped in. Easy to use.
  • Industrial grade case intentionally designed with wheels for easy transportation.
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Pinpoint leakages in water supply pipelines.
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