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The HK35 is a low power consumption IoT device that is typically used to monitor sewage or water supply manhole cover status in real-time. Once it’s installed onto manhole cover, real-time alarms can be transmitted to cellphone APP or remote software platform in the event that the cover gets opened or immerged into water.

Real-time monitoring for sewage manhole cover is especially important. Because of the nature of wastewater, there are different types of toxic gases in the manholes. In the event that the manhole cover gets lost, it’s extremely dangerous if a person drops into the manhole.

The HK35 smart cover not only empowers water utilities to identify abnormal conditions for manhole covers, but also greatly improves asset management for all the manholes as the cellphone APP or software platform shows complete list of manholes as well as accurate location for each manhole on the map.

The black antenna goes outside of the product on the back side, which gives it good protection after the product is mounted. This position of the antenna is actually the best position for placing antenna, that ensures best signal sensitivity.

Product Features

IP68 rated, and in-house tested reliability with higher standard.
    • The internal battery lasts for over 6 years for the condition of transmitting data once every day.
    • Product alignment/angle is measured every 12 hours.
    • Product status is transmitted once every day.
    • The HK35 transmits real-time alarm in the event that the manhole cover gets opened.
    • The product transmits real-time alarm when the water comes in contact with it.
    • The HK35 supports NB-IoT communication.
    • Integrated non-volatile memory that stores for 1 month worth of status data.
    • Harsh environment resistant enclosure material that makes the product durable for sewage applications.
    • Water-proof antenna that withstands humidity in manhole environment.
▞ Applications

Safe guard sewage or water supply manhole covers with real-time alarms for cover opening and water extrusion.

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