2023 Agents Appreciation Gala

Gathering for appreciation and gratitude before Chinese New Year, is one of the traditions in China. As it’s getting closer to Chinese New Year, the Agents Appreciation Gala was hosted by Heda to honor our esteemed partners all around China from Jan. 24 to Jan 25.

The gala began with a tourism to Heda showroom, where our valued partners had a chance to see all the hardware and software products, including the well-known telemetry data logger H86, noise logger LD18, smart PRV, NRW management platform, leakage early warning system, etc.

After the tour, four presentations were given on software solutions, hardware products, leakage control state policies, and leakage control (NRW reduction) solutions. The agents also had the opportunity to talk to Heda professionals about all the products and solutions during tea break.

Our valued partners were more excited when the afternoon session began with a tour to our subsidiary’s factory, AI booster pump station, and the show room.

Following the tour, Heda subsidiary experts presented four speeches for the intelligent booster and cabinet solution business.

Close to the end of the day on 24th, a few agents were recognized for their outstanding performance and dedication to the company, by awarded with Authorization plates. And the first day ended with appreciation dinner all together.

On 25th, the team arrived at a second Heda subsidiary after two and a half hours’ drive. This subsidiary’s major business is water treatment products and solutions for urban areas. The team started with a tour followed with professional presentations.

After the session, our agents became clearer on Heda’s capability on providing water treatment solutions, ranging from 72 to 1000 cubical meters per day.

In conclusion, the Agents Appreciation Gala was a two-day session of celebration, recognition, and collaboration. It served as a testament to the enduring relationship between our company and our valued agents, a relationship that is built on mutual trust, respect, and shared successes. We look forward to an even more prosperous future where we continue to grow and excel together.

Post time: 2024-01-30 10:11:42
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