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Aug. 30, Bangkok was as nice as always. Together with all the exhibitors, ThaiWater Expo welcomed visitors from all over Asia at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre. And HEDA proudly showed up as one of them.

The team brought over HEDA’s best-selling products and solutions to the Expo. Being the top player in China for NRW (non-revenue water) solutions, our booth attracted not only Thailand local visitors, but also visitors from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Cambodia.

Non-revenue water is a common challenge for water operators all over the world. According to World Bank report, annual non-revenue water volume is at 16 billion cubic meters annually. And it’s a bigger challenge for developing countries where the NRW rate can go over 50% for water operators.

HEDA presented over 20 years’ experience as a top level NRW solution provider in China. And top performance for one of HEDA’s customers in China is that the NRW rate has been kept below 5% for over 10 consecutive years. And HEDA solutions have helped a lot of water utilities to reduce NRW rate significantly in one year.

Traditional DMA (District Metered Area) solution, along with HEDA data logger H86, smart water meter, Leakage Early Warning System with HEDA noise logger LD18, acoustic logger LD18H, District Pressure Management with HEDA Smart PRV product line, standard pressure sensors, and correlator LF20, showed visitors different means for reducing NRW. Yet that’s still not enough. HEDA also provide professional training service to empower customers by improving capabilities of their employees, in the first Leakage Control Training Base in China, established by HEDA. We know that comprehensive NRW reduction systems will only work when capable team is in place. Our valued visitors showed huge interest to the combination of solutions and training service as one package, which makes HEDA quite unique in the show.

Time passes quickly. The 3-day Expo was quite fruitful. HEDA will continue the effort to bring state-of-the-art solutions to help our customers in reducing NRW, and becoming digitalized smart organizations.

Post time: 2023-11-27 14:30:22
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