Announced | Heda Technology Noise Monitor LD18 has a new upgrade!

New upgrade, shocking release
New generation Beidou version
Noise Monitor LD18

Noise Monitor LD18

Product introduction

In the context of high leakage rates in water supply pipe networks, bottlenecks in traditional leak detection technology, and an increasing shortage of leak detection talents, Heda Technology has launched a self-developed noise monitor that uses acoustic non-destructive testing technology to detect pipeline leaks in real time and shorten inspections. leakage cycle, assisting the water department to reduce the leakage rate of the pipe network and the hidden dangers of urban pipe bursts. Combined with the zoned metering system, refined leakage control can be carried out on urban water supply pipe networks, and man-machine integration can create a new era of intelligent leak detection.

R&D process

Intelligent leak detection sets sail for innovation

2018—LD18 noise monitor product officially released

  • ● Technological innovation, integrated remote transmission design
  • ● Excellent performance, stable operation for more than five years
  • ● Intelligent management and control, sensing, sensing and early warning system
  • ● Combining man and machine to change the leak detection model in the industry

2023—Promotion and application in the past 5 years

  • ● There are more than 300 users, covering water companies, colleges, parks, etc.
  • ● Guard the water supply pipeline network to provide safe water supply for more than 12,000 kilometers
  • ● A total of more than 3,000 leaks in main water supply pipelines have been detected
  • ● Calculated at an average leakage point of 2m³/h, the annual water saving is 105 million cubic meters, equivalent to the water storage capacity of 7.5 Hangzhou West Lakes

The new upgrade

Four highlights of Beidou version LD18

Device location

Through satellite positioning technology, we can realize intelligent anti-theft of equipment, solve the problem of equipment loss, and reduce the loss of fixed assets;

Leak point location

Through satellite timing technology, high-precision clock synchronization of multiple devices is achieved, combined with self-developed related positioning algorithms, to achieve leakage point pre-positioning on the APP and platform sides;

Condition monitoring

Built-in three-axis angle sensor, real-time monitoring of equipment shifting and falling status to ensure the effectiveness of equipment installation, combined with the management system, to achieve full life cycle management of equipment;

Intelligent early warning

The industry's first reporting mode in case of changes, through long-term and high-frequency monitoring, flexibly responds to the anti-freezing mode in winter, and combined with the Blue Whale AI platform-level big data analysis algorithm, greatly improves the accuracy of leakage early warning.

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