Case Story | Zhejiang HEDA Technology Company Helps The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou!

The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou officially opened on September 23, 2023. As the "guardians" of urban water supply and drainage, water companies across Zhejiang are actively doing a good job in ensuring water supply at the Asian Games venues and surrounding areas. They will work together and take multiple measures to inject "water power" into the Asian Games.

As a leading comprehensive water service provider in China, Heda Technology adheres to the Asian Games’ philosophy of “smart, green, frugal, and civilized”, uses smart water software and hardware “black technology” to protect the water supply safety of the Asian Games, and uses multi-dimensional perception and accurate prediction. , intelligent and resilient water supply safety risk monitoring and early warning system with efficient handling to ensure the safe operation of water supply for the Asian Games.



Smart manhole cover, flood prevention and early warning

Risk analysis and judgment, second-level response

Strengthen basic sensing capabilities and improve underlying data transmission. In response to the urban waterlogging phenomenon caused by typhoons that are prone to occur in the near future, the intelligent manhole cover monitoring terminal independently developed by Heda Technology can monitor the status of manhole covers at easy flooding and waterlogging points in real time. When the manhole cover flips or moves , an alarm will be activated when water overflows, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, improving the efficiency of rapid analysis and solving pipe network faults, and laying a solid foundation for the construction of the smart pipe network perception layer.

It is reported that more than 120 sets of this equipment have been installed in the cities hosting the Asian Games this time to ensure the safety of water supply around the venues during the Asian Games.



Intelligent pipe marking, real-time monitoring

Information collection, cloud linkage


Starting from the data, a new generation of monitoring and early warning system is built, and intelligent sign piles are deployed at important water supply pipe networks around the Asian Games venues. Each sign pile has its own customized identity QR code. Scan the code to check the underground pipeline information.

It is an electronic tag for the urban water supply network. It collects information (position, angle, temperature and humidity, etc.) around the sign pile, and monitors tilt and other events in real time, making emergency response faster, more accurate, and more scientific, and effectively protecting the urban water supply pipeline. Internet security.


Noise monitoring, leakage warning

Multi-dimensional integration, leakage control

In order to further strengthen the emergency response capabilities for water supply pipe bursts during the Asian Games and eliminate the risk of water supply pipe bursts, the Water Department has widely used the noise monitor LD18 independently developed by Heda Technology. It has two modes of fixed-point monitoring and mobile deployment, and can collect water supply The nighttime noise data of the pipe network is uploaded to the leakage warning platform in real time. Realize the unified management of leakage control scenarios from early warning monitoring, incident handling, on-site supervision, and finally to evaluation and assessment, truly breaking the barriers between data and business, and realizing the model change of leakage control from block management to linear management.

This method of displaying leakage control analysis data and pipe network health status step by step and dynamic leakage control saves time and cost in the tense Asian Games water supply guarantee work and greatly improves leak detection efficiency! Avoid secondary disasters.



IoT sensing, holographic monitoring

Global collection, data base


During the Asian Games, the smart IoT platform constantly monitored the real-time status of the city's water supply network, including water pressure, water flow, water quality, water level, and water leakage in the tap water network. Each indicator represents the health of the city's lifeline and ensures the smooth operation of the city. convoy.

The RTU equipment independently developed by Heda Technology is suitable for diversified data sensing in factories, pumping stations, pipe networks and other scenarios. It supports a variety of power supply and communication methods, and has a high-reliability protection design to meet various harsh working conditions. It is built-in industry Mainstream instrument communication protocols and platform protocols. It can collect data and send it remotely to create a powerful data base, realize digital monitoring and management of all working conditions of smart water services, and comprehensively improve urban data perception and risk warning capabilities.



Intelligent monitoring, intelligent fire protection

Data collaboration, quick decision-making


With technology application as the core and innovation model as the driving force, intelligent fire hydrant monitoring terminals have also been widely used in the water supply guarantee of the Asian Games.

By uploading fire hydrant geographical information, water pressure, flow, water use, leakage and other data collected by smart devices to the smart fire hydrant supervision platform, we can promptly discover the reasons for fire hydrant failures or alarms. Realize fire hydrant electronic map display, data monitoring, equipment management, work order management, and system management, thereby achieving accurate early warning, agile response, assisting in supporting urban firefighting decisions, greatly improving the management efficiency and information management level of fire hydrants, and further ensuring the Asian Games Water supply safety and fire safety during this period.

At the same time, Heda Technology adheres to the business philosophy of "customer interests always come first" and strengthens service and convenience for the people. In the event of an emergency, we will respond and handle it as soon as possible. We promise to provide a 24-hour service hotline, 1 hour Customer service that responds quickly within 48 hours and arrives at the site within 48 hours. In the future, we hope that more water company customers can use Heda Technology's hardware to achieve comprehensive perception, software to achieve comprehensive empowerment, the platform to achieve ecological integration, and the service to achieve business-driven!

Strengthen cultural confidence and show the style of a great country

Heda Technology will vigorously promote the spirit of the Asian Games

Explore and innovate through digitalization

Guarantee the success of the Asian Games

Contribute to China’s great development strategy of openness and inclusiveness!

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